Anger and the lack of true understanding

A lack of cerebration
And the concept of the damned
Pods of streamline dolphins
Very often crammed
Into so called training pools
And manhandled every day
And shipped to theme parks
Some of them hundreds of miles away

A lack of contemplation
For the families that expect
Pod life the whole family tree
In the ocean they elect
To be with all creation
Not in some artful drive
Banging boats and disloyalty
Where most will not survive

A lack of realization
Of the anger and the pain
That murdering these families
Itvreally is insane
We gain no respect fromwatching the pithing
That goes on
And the arrogance and cruelty
And what is just a con

Making out its educational
When the only reason why
You capture enslave and murder
Is profit so a lie
Its nothing to do with culture
Or tradition or of ZEN
Its capitalistic nonsense
When Japan yes when

Are you going to be expressive
In a sense of caring for
The ocean and its inhabitants
That swim close to your shore
They do that out of friendliness
And how do you react
By duping them with crookedness
they are constantly attacked

With roguery and spivvery
And corruptibility
Shamefulness and unscrupulousness
And criminality
Its not fair what you are doing
A betrayal I can say
TAiji and all the japanese ports
Still killing it is no way

To conduct yourselves
I promise you
And the anger that you cause
In the sensitive tribes around the world
Is a reason now to pause
To think ZEN put your money
Where you mouth is and be sure
Peace and love and caring
Will always conquer WAR

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