Royal Indian Brasserie new quay west wales

A good place
With a good vibe
And where one is made
To feel
Relaxed and in the company
Of a place that cooks
With zeal

The spice combinations
Considerately proclaim
In blends of culinary wizardry
Royal India’s good name
Friendly caring service
Above average by a mile
The waiter showed his thoughtfulness
And I guess, some style

Explained the dishes
And took our order
And aroma’s filled the air
Of their reputation
Many were aware

It isnt a licensed premises
So you can take your wine
And when the food arrives
Its piping hot and looks divine
Its fresh you just can see it
And its balanced and looks great
All four of us were happy
With what was on our plate

They were attentive to our needs
And considerate and kind
The area is beautiful
Its an easy place to find
An easy recommendation
For there is vibrancy and thought
Its not just any old curry
Its one that should be sort

Highly recommended
Thankyou for our evening meal

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