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Iceland 102 and 103

Another two were murdered No post-mortem for they were Slaughtered by a whaler On a sunny day No need for cross examination Or interrogation here The culprit is from Iceland Who puts the smell of fear Up every fin whale … Continue reading

Iceland 100 and 101

Clearly loftsson resents the fact That his action makes him known As sullen nasty bit of work And his violence it has shown His truest colours to us all In the way that he believes He should take it out … Continue reading

Abandonment of rightfulness 98 & 99

The hybrid blue number 98 Was harpooned to death today A pregnant Fin number 99 Ofcourse was made to pay Carrying her baby Imagine that a while Coming up for the tell tale air Trying to reconcile Whether its safe … Continue reading

Iceland 98 and 99

The bottom of the barrel Is where Iceland now finds Its whalers and their dregs of sin Clearly they have minds Akin to sewers actually For Murderers they be Harpooning fin whales And today a blue hybrid As we see … Continue reading


Morghazar Zoo ISlamabad An elephant Feels really sad 28 years chained by his feet He weaves a lot For they have him beat Still responsive Though in some shock The overwhelming neglect Would knock Any soul and make them feel … Continue reading

ICELAND 96 and 97

The gravity of what they are doing These icelanders who feel They have the right to kill creation And not even conceal Their actions for a moment Another two today Blown out of the water In a bloody nasty way … Continue reading

Emanuel Exports licence cancelled

The aura around them of violence and pain Live exports in those ships Never again So many innocents died or were maimed With no duty of care Ofcourse they were blamed Lots of excuses But what we could see Was … Continue reading

Closing down

A great big placard Closing down 50 per cent off A tiny town A garden centre One hundred years At least of business A time for tears Empty shelves Not many plants A few seed packets Left to chance Some … Continue reading

Iceland 94 and 95

Whale killing An epidemic clearly happening, We have to watch the whales dragged back And it is maddening Travellers through oceans Voyagers Far away Subterranean adventureres Slaughtered on this day Clearly missed by family Wondering where they be Inventing and … Continue reading

“Maintaining wild aspects”

Wildness smacks enchantment The opposite though is true And May lead to a rewilding Its what arrogance can do “A ready to turn dirt development” Is not an attractive sign Its born out of a lack of understanding Down the … Continue reading

The use of sweat and blood should never be forgotten

Apparently posterity means little To the arrogant politicians clearly who Are rampant in there need to just obliterate What has become our history good and true The building of the Great North Road By prisoners to respect our roots Back … Continue reading

Iceland 90 and 91 and 92 and 9

Three more whales have perished Lost it, yes today And ofcourse rhe baby Who they tore away Deviousness and crookedness Corruption all the way Injustice and artfulness And for this The great whales pay Utter criminality This Icelandic rogue All … Continue reading


There is no excuse at all For remaining ignorant Of what goes on Shooting kangaroo’s Like there’s no tomorrow what are We going to do when they are gone? Murdering for the meat trade And for leather too Farmers allowing … Continue reading

Low life whalers

The lowest form of life Icelandic whalers A pregnant whale today Was murdered she Was carrying her baby When the HvalAr 8 came by And what did they do They killed her brazenly Their belligerent and insulting Course of action … Continue reading

LOFTSSON’s flensing staff

What makes young men want to Butcher Beautiful fin whales I ask The odour must Become ingrained It really is a violent task In the wild wet windy weather Using knives as sharp as hell Pairing back the folds of … Continue reading


What drives a man to murder The sophistical idea With mental reservation And not an ounce of fear Contrary to reason Self-contradictory Invalid and untenable Flimsy and woolly Makes miscalculations And a lack of vision he Is somewhat fixated On … Continue reading

Iceland 88 and 89

Hunting ever westwards And eastwards What we find Is everyday two whales are killed That figure blows my mind The dishonesty of saying Japan buys all the meat They say its had to place it Its the fluke that has … Continue reading

Elephant rides

The tourist industry Has much to answer for Elephants though huge Still suffer so Riding on their backs Is far from prudent The anguish that they feel I know you know Exhaustion stress and overwork Is killing And all around … Continue reading


Its true my heart is bleeding Companionship a plea To Be on my own for so long Does nothing for me Social responsiblity Clearly was the case But being left alone like this And, having to face A solitary existence … Continue reading

They say charity begins at home but only if you are a farmer

A drought affects us all And business suffers most Anything to do with the land Can drive profits to toast Its not just drought if any major mishap Does occur Where cessation makes us suffer And losses we incur Where … Continue reading

Bull run

In honour of the virgin mary El pilon de falces was born Men run down a hill And lots of bulls too Follow their spirits all torn Its one of those big celebrations The whole town joins in and we … Continue reading

Iceland 86 and 87 two beautiful fin whales.

There we see them two more whales Being dragged along Not surreptitiously They do not belong In an open air butchery But what we see Is blatant aggression And sick infamy Beautiful creatures Endangered souls Stolen from the depths To … Continue reading

Murdering camels just like that

There are packs of wild camels Roaming around Sustaining themselves So many have found Creation for them Is something indeed They appear indestructible Which is indeed Why hunters Will shoot at the lead camel who May run around in circles … Continue reading

Water is life

We have lost all respect For the natural world For our forests and oceans Where so much is hurled Forests are logged out Slash and burned down And the timber sold off Will not earn us a crown The water … Continue reading

80 pilot whales 13 white sided dolphins

The Faroes saw war on the beaches Brutality right in your face 80 big pilot whales Butchered to death Thor would have seen the disgrace These mammals are innocent victims A whole family tree Wiped out, they Would have died … Continue reading

Iceland 82/85

Another four whales have been murdered LOftsson is well underway To meet all his targets 191 whales at the end of the day And despite the world knowing about it Still his ships daily will go Hunting the fin whales … Continue reading


Their intelligence formidable Their capacity maybe Enlightened by the ocean And their perspicacity If I stop and think why strandings In estuaries and elsewhere And In shallow bays why they happen Are they Sharing their despair In the Faroes all … Continue reading

If only pigs could fly

The extent of basic care For pigs is evident today Farmers and when transporting them The venality in play Is criminal its wicked The immorality Its so unforgivable For me degeneracy Pigs use passive diffusion They thermoregulate Designed to live … Continue reading

Norway and the minke whales

Apparently Norway is having a bad time Flogging its whale everywhere Heavily subsidized costing a fortune And unquesionably cruel The despair Is clear to be seen From the masses Nobody really is keen But that doesnt stop them from killing … Continue reading

A fool at Brook falls

Anchorage Whitewater falls Brown bears feeding All these walls Of rock and water At Brook falls where Excitement is unrelenting there The drama plays out As salmon leap Up stream And the wild bears Clearly reap Fresh bold fish A … Continue reading