The Robin Hood Army

The Robin Hood army
Fighting wastage they
Came up with a great idea
Where volunteers each day
Give their time and energy
Give their love and care
It’s an enlightening prospect
To recycle and to share

The waste from local restaurants
Collected everyday
And given to the poorest families
All along the way
Who really and truly love the service
Their children being fed
Not going to sleep hungry
But comforted In Their bed

Angels yes they are everywhere
And the world is better for
This army of street sensitives
Who clearly do adore
Feeding up the Hungry child
Or the old man in the street
In Pakistan and In India
For it does make lives complete

All of this is wonderful
For all of those who give
And for all of those receiving
And for those who serve
All live
More worthy lives for certain
An army who desire
To feed the poor and the lonely
And the homeless
And that fire
That burns in hearts
Now everywhere
For what’s being achieved
Feeding the sick and hungry
Which couldn’t have been believed

Until Neel GHose and Anand Sinha took up the mantle 26th of August 2014
And ran with it angels in our time

You are what you are and I congratulate you on your pure hearts

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