I take issue with the FBI
The director who made his point
But why?
Denigrate these mammals who
Did nothing negative
Which is true

The indication was possibly
Their investigations
Did n9t come up to the standards
Imagined they should actually

Under oath we heard them say
“Dont call us weasels” I say no way
Should they or anyone else
To take these animals for a ride

Derogatory remarks to me
Show a lack of respect
Not understanding a creatures worth
And why it was created on planet earth

From the genus mustela
POlecats Stoats
Perhaps the star MINK coats
They eat hordes of rats and mice
And killing them just isnt nice

Wearing their skins
As people do
Show their ignorance right through
But drawing conclusions about a soul
Who we call a weasel
We should extol
their virtue
As the created one
Not imply a negative
We all should shun

They can venture into a chicken coop
But they are wild
And if they can dupe
The farmer it is afterall
Survival for them they have the call

I think its unfair for the FBI
To call out the weasel
for it isn’t right
Human beings apparently
Are quick to connect
Them it seems to me

Wholly unfair passed off
And lost
But wild mammals suffer
The ultimate cost
Of ignorance stated
By intelligent men
My question to them is who and when?

Did a mammal have to take the blame
For what is in fact some political game
What have they done to deserve that place
Called out under oath its a disgrace

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