All lies (white mans history)

The lies that they told
When you were children
Cowboys and Indians
Was what you heard
the cowboys were good
And the indians bad
Unless cowboys won
You were left feeling sad

NOrth Dakota the black snake
Its creeps ever forward
Through indigenous land
We’re not Indians we
Were here long before
All those ragged old cowboys
We were the guardians

Columbus he has a day
Now To remember him
He was a rapist an ugly man
He murdered a lot of us
And thought he’d discovered
INdia actually
Thats was his plan

But we were Americans
We were the first nation
We were protectors
All those years before
The mighty MISSOURI
Rolled passed our encampment
We ran with the wolf
And we lived in the raw

What we are seeing is
The great US government
Toting its hardware
Robo cops too
Energy partners
A bloody corporation
Threatening us
So nothing is new

They bore through our sacred sites
And all our artifacts
Tazed us and maced us
And threatened us too
Fired rubber bullets
And bean bAg rounds
Hit us
with cudgels
Set dogs on us
Thats what they do

On our treaty land
Supposedly Laramie
But this OBAMa bloke
He doesnt care
He is no better than any before him
The white mercenaries
Bring dark despair

Live rounds they fire at us
And their sound cannons
Drones up and about and pest dusters too
We are the ants in the pants of the pipe line
We are indigenous our legend is true

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