Tomorrow is too late and that was years ago

Tomorrow is too late

for all the Orangutans

the mothers often raped

the babies used as pets

logging completely annhilates

the treetops

and the dreaded Palm Oil

is the devil with the debts

increasing by the hour

these wondrous crimson souls

whole families of them perishing

Palm Oil operatives they have the controls

all the holes in their arguments are wrong

they  are a bunch of bandits

thoroughly disgusting

taking on and oroving just how wrong

all the trees are precious

clearly life exists because

they are growing giving strength to reason

medical finds and so much more

there was

but it was chopped down they didnt even

know the names they were the experts

after all

they drove off all the Orangutans

the elephant the rhino’s

and thousands of others perished

that loud call

that  echoed through the forest every which  way

was silenced by these scum bags

deaths were high

some indigenous women also raped

the extra cost of Palm oil

Including lives yes precious lives

and this was Happening night and day

the sinister  was draped

hanging from the edifaces of sqalor

sentinel trees that never stood a chance

bromen and forgotten

gids medicines just wasted


how I sigh

and often cry

to see the crippled specimens

limping from a shot or machete

they are eternally intelligent

feeling mental pain as well

what we have done for Palm Oil

is turned their lives to  hell


we are carrying out a war

with much attrition

remonstrating which i tend to do

on the front in the eastern meetings

and on the social media its true

hospitals are set up for survivors

Birute  galdikas

my here she

has worked at Camp Leakey

Very quietly

she loves them and they love her eanestly.


one of the three Leakey babes as they were called



Diane Fossey gorillas  she was murdered in the DRC

Jane Goodall  chimpanzees still alive and kicking

Birute Gadikas orangutans











About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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