Wilbur Earl Tannent and Rob Bilott and the Dupont case

A farmer of consequence
Once lived with raptures
Content in his being
Beholding to time
Is cows were his buddies
That fed from his hands
All his emotion
In his best laid plans

His family were gently folk
Hardworking caring
Two children at school
And a wife not comparing
Herself not with others
Fulfilled with just being
A hard working farmers wife
Really all seeing

Then things took a turn
It got harder and harder
Their allegiance was threatened
By the cows who grew sick
They were kicking up rough
It was not the utopia
A tortuous time not one
They might pick

Then the cows started dying
Losing weight martyrdom
One after the other the sickness
It came
Despite all the care and all the
How ever many hours
Something’s was to blame

They were suffering clearly
And feeling it badly
They went off their food
Even though it was prime
Wilbur was shattered he examined
Their corpses,and one by one
Buried them one at a time
190 lost over a period
It was such a challenge
What was he to do
Recriminations, an outward pouring
Both he an his wife
They Were suffering too

Rob Billot
A Corporate Defence Lawyer
From Cincinnati whose grandmother’s
Was In Parkersburg
Thats In West Virginia
Close to where Wilbur
Had made his base

And he spoke of his problems
And asked Rob’s grandmother
If Rob might cast his eyes
Taking some video’s and some
Of his paperwork
To Cincinnati
He thought would be wise
When Wilbur got there
He Rob was in a big meeting
With partners and he
Could not give them time
But decided to check out
The video’s anyway
Something to see

Not all that far
From the farm was a huge site
The Washington Works
Of the giant Dupont
A chemical company
With a massive footprint
Who did what they did
And what ever they want

Close to Wilbur’s farm
They established a land fill
It was named DRY Run
And Dupont was there
Dumping its rubbish in steel bins
All over
Self regulation they seemed to share
Really from that moment
Everything faltered
The creek took a turn
For the worst
and the farm
And their health wasn’t good
Raising the alarm

So Rob was appointed
To take on the case
It was not what his firm did
Go after and chase
Corporate giants for what TAFT
Did do
Was work on behalf of them
Oft clueless to
The opportunism
The unscrupulousness
Defending them anyway
Whatever the mess

Rob knew the problems
And basically wanted
To trace the reports
That the EPA wrote
Following inspections
Of the dry run and wilbur’s farm
Just Getting sight of the relevant note
Prepared by Dupont
By their vets and their agents
Everything really appeared cut and dry
It was the farmer
Down to his negligence
Thats why his cows
Did inevitably die

And then it was filed
And basically forgotten
Utter contempt disdain and scorn
He was just worthless
A nobody person
A loser in fact since
The day he was born

Rob approached Dupont
Requesting their papers
He was not satisfied
With the answer they gave
Self regulation
Didn’t prove anything
Something was up
And the matter was grave

Wilbur may have been
Just a poor farmer
But saw through the humiliation
And sin
He knew they were liars
And such puerility
Their filth and waywardness
Got under bis skin

His health was failing
As Rob got sone answers
Found out
The chemical that they did use
Was called C8
Long chain fluoro carbon
It had been developed
To waterproof tanks
And it became TEFLON
Thats when their banks

Realised certainly this was a winner
I BILLION dollars profit a year
Non stick pans carpets
And non creasing clothing
An application
That created such fear
Synthetic unbreakable biochemically
An eight carbon chain
So toxic so sad
They had carried out tests
And knew just how dangerous
But had covered it up
So incredibly bad

They knew it caused cancer
And was life threatening
As to the receptors
Was what they called
The people who came alas into contact
They were all ignorant
And not well schooled
So what if they died
Or gave birth to mutations
This level of profit
Created their shield
Parkersburg rose in the rankings
That said
The town worked for Dupont there
From the power they did wield

Rob told Dupont
He was going to sue them
And check out the whole landfill tip
And whats there
Discovering actually
All of the waste
From their works site was dug up
And transported there

In effect the while town
Was in fact being poisoned
It was in the water
That everyone drank
It wasn’t just cows dropping dead
The towns receptors also were dying
Dupont were it up
Which had led

To the whole town discovering
The water supply the creeks and the rivers
Also were high
In run off the people many were ill
All Rob’s work took its toll
And its happening still
TEFLON is awful so dangerous it be
And all of it squirrelled away
Rob himself suffering poisoning too
And poor Wilbur died
As dd may who

Were bought off with money
They paid out a lot
Gave things for free
They were happy they got
All of the perks
Calculating that they
Were far better off
With Dupont every day

As they died of with cancers
Did mot add two and two
Thought well of the giant
That was trying to screw
The life out of all of them
And tragically
If it were it for Wilbur
And Rob thankfully

So many more might have
Been left alone
To not afford medical bills
That had shown
Up as this PFoe
In body tissues
At alarming rates

The settlement took control
Of medical bills
All the tests that were carried out
Gave the them the chills
Everyone tested showed the C8
And those already sick
Were compensated at a generous rate

Each and every one of them
Gained settlement too
And Rob is still at it
Though he was poisoned too
This awful pollution
Cost Dupont its true
But they should have been
Given life sentences too

Knowingly doing this
An awful sign
When still to this day
TEFLON can be bought on line

AMAZON is selling teflon to this day where is it being made
China how can they do this to the world

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