Mark Parker

The foothills of the Eastern Pennines
The spine of England its been said
Santander a Spanish Bank
In Nelson Street its App bright red
One particular gentleman
Mark Parker thats his name
A cheerful helpful more caring soul
Thats him one of the same
Nothing is too much trouble
He is courteous and kind
Thoughtful and understanding
With empathy in mind
He is very responsive
Tolerant and shows
A true goodness of nature
Its natural and it flows

A real gem of a gentleman
An asset in his role
Businesslike and affable
I’d say a special soul
Rightful fair and proper
On the side of the angels he
Helped me really did a lot
And with positivity

I hold him in high standing
His value to the bank
For dealing with customers
I’d give Mark a high rank
Set him above so many
For his fortitude and care
I Could just feel his integrity
His scrupulosity
Entirely conscientious
And his sincerity
Was far above the many
A real gem of a man
I had become so frantic
But what finer feelings can
Calm a situation
You see Mark made it clear
He kept his cool
And he helped me haul
And helped me find some cheer

Santander you have a man
Who really is a find
I do hope you reward him well
For that sort of thoughtful mind
Comes across as amazing
His clarity and his care
Mark Parker used his genius
And ability to share

The methodology of getting back online

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