Stone henge

A world heritage
Neolithic site
In the whole wide world the only one
And its just down to some Minister
That itself does stun
The average soul I have to say
What we do have here
Has so much reverence and honour
And to most its very clear

5000 years of history
Stood standing on the green
A Neolithic wonder of the world
And it has been
Part of this great swathe of land
Dedicated to
The people and the heritage
That has clearly been in view
An array of standing stones
Of such significance
That they
can just be
Moved and built around
Just on Grant Shapps say
the sacredness and virtue
Who is he to say
Build a tunnel destroy
This hallowed ground
And walk away
Greater minds than his
Are needed surely that be true
Its a sanctum and a holy place
And what we have to do

Is understand its footprint
And what has gone before
The solemnity and sacrament
The patronage and more
These massive stones
Have stood the test of time
And therefore they
Cannot be dismantled
As an order of the day
In all the world devotees come
Mounds and barrows do exist
The ground around holds wonders still
Too many to list
The A303’s congestion
Is a minor strategy
And to agree to construct a tunnel
under the henge a travesty
Construction minus consciousness
And scrupulosity
Of course theres indignation
Its unparliamentary
It has been a celebration
A fortuitous display
A compliment to history
Revered in every way.

Now as to the motor car
And electric cars to come
To degrade a historic monument
The grey suits they have some
Artificial station
Beyond the public who
Enjoy the world wide patronage
And the ultimatum to
A tunnel built to funnel
The buildup of cars away
Congestion on a major route
We have a lot to say
It cannot be one minister
Who is given the power
OF what is the ominous whisper
In an inauspicious hour.

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