Blooding so called

Sophistry and mockery
Abusing innocent souls
In the course of training
these exceptionally sad trolls
Out there using live baits
Kittens and cats
For me
Murdering the innocent
Is criminality

Blooding, The politicians
Know this heinous crime
And just turn a blind eye to it
They do it all the time
And its not just big in Ireland
In Australia there too
Cruelty personified
Its sadly what they do

The case that I now talk about
Happened recently
In Cork in Southern Ireland
And it seems to me
Its disgusting, and its loathsome
Innocence isn’t a crime
And setting dogs on
Pregnant cats is
Time after time

Training hounds by blooding them
Animals do have rights
Unlike the criminality
In these one sided fights
The innocent are murdered
Taken down in cold blood
Ripped part and bloodied
In a confounded flood

Of depravity, and inanity
Its petty minded narrow sighted
Blighted pedantry
It challenges, sanity
All animals have rights
The grief and woe and angst we cause
In these awful fights

The cats they stood no chance at all
All were ripped apart
Chewing on the innards
Its wicked it does impart
A calamitous misfortune
In front of children too
Blooding its a crime against
The living and thats true

We need to stop this evil
Make it a heInous crime
Bring back the birch and beat the bastards
At the very least do time
Hard labour let them feel the wrath
“Anubis” counters here
Their karma will be rotten
Best remind them make it clear!

To all those cats some pregnant
That perished the other day
The greyhounds will go onto win
Their races so they say
But if they hit a losing streak
The dogs too will regret
They will get a blooding
And will not be see a vet

The whole gambling business
Dog training and the rest
Its ugly and its cruel and wrong
For people to invest
dosh in such an ugly
so called sport
Its best we say it right away
All this really awful stuff
Should be banned right here today.

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