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Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts Katherine Teresa Gun

Millions of souls marched All over the world It got to their psyche What had been hurled Into the equation An undying thought Our waging of war Is, what was sought But there was no reason Weapons they said Of … Continue reading

Sharks we must stop killing them

Logicality and relevance And superiority In many aspects matchless And unrivalled in the sea The shark an Apex Predator A fearsome looking soul With a cartilaginous skeleton And gill slits on the whole No swim bladder a reason Therefore why … Continue reading

Englands green and pleasant land

Whats happening to England To its green and precious land The developers Are coming And so much of what is planned Are of mindless construction Sameness everywhere Monotony and dullness No one seems to care About our greenfield beauty spots … Continue reading


Who really are the pests Out in Australia Killing feeding Roo’s In car lights they Harvesting they call it All sanitised tis said Dressing that is removing heads and tails From the poor dead For the flesh eating Aussies It … Continue reading

Killing fields of Victoria

50,000 years If thats not long enough To walk the earth The red earth of the bush Alongside aborigines Painting in their caves Where were the Victorians In their hell born graves None of them the apple Of their mothers … Continue reading


My history is permeated by the Lack of care And The need to find my angel She had to be somewhere Allowed to roam the roads Around Berkhamsted everyday To run the gauntlet as it were A pretty dangerous way … Continue reading

Foie gras

So Marie Pierre Pe Is shocked to hear What Our Animals Rights folk Said in her ear Creating disease in a Duck Or a Goose By force feeding food Really prolonged abuse Realising the birds liver Expands and grows Into … Continue reading

Whose transphobic.?

Topsy turv Extra nervy Back to front And Inside out Transposition Undermining Be inverted Not in doubt Men are women Women are men Its chest feeding Not from the breast Cancelling women From the test I am one man And … Continue reading

Jane Goodall and Stevie Nicks tribute

I speak of two marvellous women Both angels in our world One a spectacular singer And the other a lass Who was hurled Into the heart of Africa One of Leakey’s three Her quest to help the great apes The … Continue reading

A battle Royale

Arrogance and Ignorance A wicked prescriptive test Its all about agenda 30 Really its all dressed Up in trans and misogyny To my mind though we see A curtailing of the populace On a wide scale actually The different Groups … Continue reading


Rainbow Bridges Tranquil ridges Tree lined hedges Floral ledges “Teddy” he passed on last year On his hill not far away Folly’s Farm outside Berkhamsted Where all of his dear friends did stay Sue she managed all the donkeys And … Continue reading

Seen in the Chiltern Hills at Ringshall a tiny hamlet

A counter charm cometh One warm April day Where Beech and Oak stand guard And one’s personal rhythym May hover they say Seeking truth Between awareness and ignorance we Its the realms of consciousness That we suddenly see A spirit … Continue reading

Amanda Lynn Mayhew

From Northern Ontario Was actually where She came, a backwoods person She was aware Of the Natural World Of its animal souls But sadly did trespass And transgress The roles She took on Of fishing and shooting And saying That … Continue reading


A Bull thats me Chained up I be With skin of leather Chains through my nose Sat in the straw I do suppose An exhibition Bull I be Rosettes and all that Flappery Farming cares such flattery Sweet talk lets … Continue reading

Sea Spiracy believe every word it portrays

Sea Spiracy a film That takes us to another realm Transports us through reality And, does overwhelm The liars and the criminals That undoubtedly abound Long lines, trawlers, dredgers Who tragically are found Working under night skies Thieving as they … Continue reading

A view from the table

The polar bear Hotel In Heilongjiang it is where they Become the main attraction For visitors who stay At this hotel in Harbin Where artificial ice And pools are built Such ignorance Clearly no advice Was sought before the Unwitting … Continue reading

The miracle of the Canadian Goose

Our very bodies Godly charged Given with due need Apparently are signed off By the Businesses who bleed Us dry, they sacrifice our souls As cheaply as they may Trap and injure make us Into clothing Its their way Cuffs … Continue reading


Time is a shared value item And giving one’s time as some do Standing outside of Canada Goose Showing off just what they do Murdering mammals magnificence A badness of ungodly guilt Basically degenerate traders Its one where their business … Continue reading

Costco chickens

Not what one expects from Costco Go visit one and see Huge great car parks full of cars Carts piled Voluminously And so we hear with chickens Costco’s bold ideas Is design the chicken sheds Where millions see the tears … Continue reading

Poor cow

The misanthropy is galling Such malice and such Hate Such cruelty such evil And all aside the gate The farm the grassy visuals The viciousness and strain Mother cows up on the truck The barbarity insane Farmers heartless sadists Many … Continue reading


Portugal of all places Total unconcern So much inscrutability Its seems some people yearn For wildness For the Rhino Horn Keratin they say The Chinese buy it As a cure all And there is a way Staying unemotional Put it … Continue reading


18 islands In the North Atlantic Viking throwback 50,000 there Hunting pilot whales THe Grindadrap It pales Into the vindictive They punish and afflict Decimate and massacre Its as if the hordes are tricked But in point of fact Their … Continue reading


Botswana’s gifted Elephants Have reached a new high noon The government are clearly Utterly out of tune With the world over its Elephants Denying them the right To live in Peace and harmony Without the need to fight. These vile … Continue reading

Road kill and Neolithic remains

Today I drove to Oxfordshire To the ancient ROLLRIGHT Stones It was dull when I left Hertfordshire But by lunch time many tones From the light intensely vivid And every kind of hue Depicted on the roadsides Produced a scintillating … Continue reading

They have an axa to grind or do they ?

Fox Hunting is a sick old sport That does away with poise Who like to trespass everywhere And make a lot of noise Drink and ride and ne’er confide In the likes of me An angel from the higher self … Continue reading

Fighting for African Animals

Fighting for Africa’s animals Writing and posting each day And seeing canned hunting Murdering Lions And African farmers Who prey On Mistaken and so naive hunters Absorbing deceit everyday They Travel and murder the caged ones lions, duped and drugged … Continue reading

Sam Simon

Meeting Captain Thomas A good old French name that And the good ship Sam Simon On the West coast of France Were at There to talk to Government And get the message through That Dolphins are dying In fishing nets … Continue reading

Poor pigs

I have no idea what happened At the North East German farm 50O00 baby piglets And their mothers came to harm 5000 worn out tired and slumbering Their brethren numbering ten Perished in a major fire On Tuesday that was … Continue reading


Probably we are the biggest Land animals around And therefore the heaviest Walking on the ground Our feet are much more delicate Than some of you presume I am not a taxi So why do you all assume I am … Continue reading