Jane Goodall and Stevie Nicks tribute

I speak of two marvellous women
Both angels in our world
One a spectacular singer
And the other a lass
Who was hurled
Into the heart of Africa
One of Leakey’s three
Her quest to help the great apes
The marvellous Chimpanzee

Jane along with Diane Fossey
And Dr Birute
The Gorillas and the Orangutan’s
A root
The maze of cruelty
Of racketeering they
Took the The Great Apes on
and the wicked world at large
And All three would save the day
And this they did with gusto
And for Stevie Nicks to seize
And write about Jane Goodall
And her marvellous Chimpanzees
The Ladies were all principled
“Her mission was you see
To recreate a world where
We can live in harmony
With Nature”
And the song,it educated
Those who heard
And helped stamp Jane through out the world
By each thoughtful word

For Stevie Nicks to have done this
From her heart, proves she
Knew an angel had been placed
To help the Chimpanzee
It was her dedication
The angel Jane was she
Honourable in every way
As was dear Stevie

All four ladies
Finer feelings
And single heartedness
Deserve all our blessings
Such integrity no less
With truthfulness and candour
Took on the treachery
The bush meat trade
And the pet trade
And what was infamy
The Palm Oil trade
The loggers
The corporations who
Created so much danger
And these women were put through
Unimaginable terror
Each shameless tortuous crime
All fighting for their respective
And were betrayed time after time

Out there in the darkness
White women challenged they
Faced muck-raking stigma
Insulting scoffing jibes
Fighting against the disrespect
From the various tribes
What became a case of conscience
Of ethics through and through
Such duteousness and commitment
It is what angels do.

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