A battle Royale

Arrogance and Ignorance
A wicked prescriptive test
Its all about agenda 30
Really its all dressed
Up in trans and misogyny
To my mind though we see
A curtailing of the populace
On a wide scale actually
The different Groups are being
Corrupted those now who
Use Rascality and roguery
THe cabal are pushing through
Every dirty trick there is
Deviding allegiance for
The over riding principle
Of genocide the raw
Professional chicanery
That tips the balance here
Forcing all the elements
To fight it out
Such fear
Is growing,from those waking up
Who see their children being
Drawn into the quagmire too
So many now agreeing
Accusations flying
Recriminations too
And the cabal sits back
Just watching
As injustice works on through

The various groups
Are fighting
Are at each others throats
Rivalry and contention
All those unseemly notes
The blackguards in the background
Mischief-makers who
Let the hatred and the remorselessness
Stoke the embers through
And watch the flames leap higher
As the various groups emerge
Rigorous and intolerant
Many on the verge
Of fighting now amongst themselves
The wrongdoers though they
Keep on they are keeping on
Which for them appears the way

Cabal originally came from
Charles 11 his ministers
The illuminati
The thirteen families
Are now known as such

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