Foie gras

So Marie Pierre Pe
Is shocked to hear
What Our Animals Rights folk
Said in her ear
Creating disease in a Duck
Or a Goose
By force feeding food
Really prolonged abuse
Realising the birds liver
Expands and grows
Into their lungs
What does that pose
Difficulty in breathing
And swollen like hell
Fatty diseased liver
Can you just smell
The garlic and grilled flesh
The agony caused
The French say its lovely
And should never be paused
Production is awful
The pain of it all
The liver starts swelling
That so does appal
Any true sensitive person alive
Watching them choke
And bleed to survive
The supercillousness
And puerillity
Its so unpalatable
How can it be

Forced onto ducks and Geese
The humiliation
French producers
They are clearly a true damnation
The worst of intentions
The malignancy
There is no way on gods earth
We want to

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