Whose transphobic.?

Topsy turv
Extra nervy
Back to front
Inside out
Be inverted
Not in doubt

Men are women
Women are men
Its chest feeding
Not from the breast
Cancelling women
From the test
I am one man
And will not agree
Women are women
Thats what they be

They menstruate
They have vagina’s
JK Roling says it, she
This deletion
Of womens places
Why on earth now
Should it be

They have eggs
And they have babies
They are mothers
Through and through
All this nonsense
From the cabalistic glue

We are being stuck
With all this
Upended really overturned
Turn the tables
Sexual fables
Its not what we learned

And matriarchy
The fairer sex
The feminine
Going all out to cancel women
The bloody world
Is in a spin
Born to be
Or not
A variation on the whole
Narcissism opinionated
Swaggering from left to right
And constantly intimidated
And all this done in broad daylight

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