Amanda Lynn Mayhew

From Northern Ontario
Was actually where
She came, a backwoods person
She was aware
Of the Natural World
Of its animal souls
But sadly did trespass
And transgress
The roles

She took on
Of fishing and shooting
And saying
That hunting and eating
And trapping and slaying
Was about conservation
Maintaining life
So that backwoodsman prospered
And each Bow
Gun and knife

Just Hunt C and a
As guilty as hell
On the sportsman channel
She knows how to sell
Her criminality
Her wicked ways
So many dead creatures
Her infamy plays
Into their hands
All the monsters abroad
All of her relatives
Impaled on the sword
Abandoned and dissolute
Unworthy they
To be standing with angels
There is just no way

Each scratching each others backs
Thats what they do
The animals suffer
Some become glue
Wavering loyalty
Flames leap to the sky
In one great conflagration

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