Killing fields of Victoria

50,000 years
If thats not long enough
To walk the earth
The red earth of the bush
Alongside aborigines
Painting in their caves
Where were the Victorians
In their hell born graves

None of them the apple
Of their mothers eye
Thousands of years
Would run and run
And have to go on by
Until the brave Victorians
Came onto the scene
And observed the fine Bush Angels
And the people who had been

Guardians of their planet
Learning all the time
Created to be immortal
To make the honest climb
Designed to run upon the earth
And to re plant, as they ran
Essential to the environment
The environment of man

Each Kangaroo, perfection
A dream state souls of souls
Genuine and attested
Taking up their roles
Historical and well grounded
To Subsist and endure
They ate wild and they stood the heat
And genetically were pure

Roll on many centuries
And Australia was born
Till now in fact
The countryside, is now strangely torn
A’sunder as the Meat Trade
That glorious murdering crew
Who employ the rougher elements
And go shooting as they do

They don’t call them Bush Angels
They use their farmers terms
They think of them as vermin
Frequented by the worms
Shooters, lousy marksmen
A few days training they
Are out there in the bush at night
Blowing souls away

Paid by cattle farmers
And the government who think
Because they all wear grey suits
That they somehow there
a link
With intelligence and knowledge
Except they don’t have a clue
They give license to the murdering
And butchering they do

And its not just reds they are after
Females get it too
Their joeys and their pinkies
Any specimen will do
Cut them up disgorge them
Chop their heads off, they
Leave them scattered where they fell
In a vile and odious way

Shooting around the countryside
Frightening farmers who
In the early hours will find
Just what maniacs do
These beautiful intelligent angels
Really ripped apart
Heads torn off and left to rot
Their intestines and their heart
Strewn all, over everywhere
No respect at all
They call themselves Australians
And imagine that they rule

The roost they are a bunch of sicko’s
Incompatible with life
Opposed to all things natural
Their unfriendliness brings strife
The decapitate the infants
An aversion any day
they are an abomination
They way they then display
The carnage cor the vanquished
The wounded to espy
And the farmers wives to witness
The evil and thats no lie

A grim and forbidding battleground
The worst intentions there
The malice and the bad blood
For all of us to share
The foul mouthed abusive scoundrels
Who should be put away
Whip them with a cat o nine
And leave them on display
Hanging from a gum tree
High enough so they
Will feel the wrath
Of the hungry beasts
Who may then fly away

As for the so called government
In their city best
Take them to the bush and leave them
Let nature do the rest
The relentless weather
The meat ants let them be
Stretched out on the red earth
To be eaten before tea.

Leave my friends the Kangaroo’s
Leave them well alone.
As for the sodding shooters
They lousiest shots ever known
Hang them up as targets
And give them all what for
And leave the kangaroos alone
Or we’re coming to start a war

50,000 long long years
Of History and pain
A lot of years have all flow by
Then you lot, yea you came
And really never ever
Stopped killing it was your thing
Every creature on Gods earth
Felt the awful sting

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