Monthly Archives: November 2016

Keep animals off your plates

Lying in a drain A baby alone Where is its mother Its future thrown To the winds of the time Lords far far Way Its fighting for breath In a most futile way The chickens The worst for wear Bruised … Continue reading

The hunter man

Outdoorsmanship and hunters Such terminology For the great class of frustrated men Who kill for fun and be Entering the shared world Of the countryside for all To walk our dogs to jog to play And to really call On … Continue reading

TOMI A brown Albanian Bear

I am Tomi a bear An Albanian bear i lived in the mountains I was so aware North of Tirana Immortal was I I could sit I could stand And look up at the sky Nothing to worry me The … Continue reading

GJINA/JETA A female BEAR chained to the floor

To be a bear Both wild and free To subsist out there Is to really be Grounded and reigning Through wilderness parts Out in the world Where life in fact starts So to come under the Subordination What became imperfection … Continue reading

Girl on fire

Girl on fire She will aspire Tempered like a Yule tide fire Affectivity Emotionally A fervour That can never tire Unctuous Soulful Breathless Watchful She’s ablaze With every quality And in her eyes Feelings of jollity For possibly a new … Continue reading

Katie 2

The ants were swarming last night All around the Theatre Royal Jack Frost was in the roof tops Beginning it felt to toil For he soon brought down The temperature And increased the wind indeed And drove us into the … Continue reading

“To be or not to be that was a question”

To be in tune with Where we live where ever that May be To still be on the level Able to see a Bee The Starlings or the Condors Or the snakes that walk this earth To understand the feral … Continue reading

The faroes

A film by Anders Brogaard About a diver called INge Soerensen How beautiful the forest of the kelps is All shades of green and red and gold appear The wonder thats on offer for all the fishes eyes In silence … Continue reading

A wolf and a boy

A wolf A boy The innocence of childhood No preconception there Injustice never entered The narrow minded stare There is no unintelligence Discretion is the tool Appreciativeand measured The discovery of all Persauded by ones destiny To befriend wild souls … Continue reading


NO to the energy fucking partners NO to their crude oil YEs to water which is life DAkota access pipelines we dont want you here When it leaks and it will leak This is what we fear We all have … Continue reading