The essential one
Who in bright sun
Was as white as driven snow
At two years old plucked from its world
From its family show
Substantial and objective
With potentiality
With all its inhertied characteristics
Its virtuality

Within its kindred lineage
Its total family tree
It was captured by the buman tribe
And would never again be free
A full on authenticity
And given its super name
“AURORA”a phenomena
That bands of light did claim
And enslaved out at Stanley Park
In captivity
A money spinning cash cow
Of human depravity

Corporate inequality
An imbalance naturally
And without compensation
In iniquity
What was a sublime being
Whose freedom in the sea
Was shut away forever
Forever it would be

Languishing in a bath tub
Every single day
Fed on dead fish
Frozen and thawed out
Its digestion soon would pay
With stress and such exhaustion
The arrogance of man
A money making creature
Who soon became their fan

Tricks some 25,Ooo of them
Such was captivity
You only got fed if you worked
Despite your primacy
The privilege of being
That glorious white affair
What was an apparition
Of whiteness always there

Having to bave three babies
And watch each of them die
The stress upon a mothers heart
In watery climes they cry
They break their hearts
They always do
Mothers of the sea
Confined in rotten bath tubs
So the world can pay to see

Their privacy unthreading
The disunion abroad
The laddering and the seclusion
No mother can afford
And human beings as they are
In corporations they
Forfeit hearts and forfeit souls
And only the creatures pay

The wholeness of the ocean
The panorama there
The life force and the family
Inseparably did share
The wealth of all that kingdom
The coral groves for they
Were everything to everyone
On every single day

Unacclimatized to a bath tub
An abnormal little space
Where disharmony and upheaval
Was always in your face
Confused disturbed and worried
Actually displaced
And all that toxic chlorine
That all captive creatures faced

Seeing a grandchild die at three
Another tumultuous loss
An elementsl spirit
Arising from the dross
Another day of judgement
The curtain forced to fall
Just like a chain reaction
Which really does appal

The monotony of living
In a bathtub a small pool
Continuously swimming around and around
And all that gall
Building in your system
24 million laps
And all those stupid human tricks
It does give one the craps

26 years of boredom
Living with the memory
Of losing your beloved
Family in the sea
Wondering how they managsd
For Beluga’s always care
Having to live apart from them
And still be so aware

Conforming to captivity
And its contrariety
All the exceptions to the rule
Each abnormality
So much repetition
Being in the round
The rhythm of each moment
It truly is unsound

The permanence of being
In a bath tub all the time
The unprogressiveness of that
No depth in which to climb
Entrenched in the unchangeable
On imagining it all
Of becoming more unconscious
And inneffective to the call

And death is now my only wish
That it takes me away
From what has been so terrible
Every night and day
Captivity is threatening
CAptivity is Hell
Their arrogance has done it
I am under that spell

But i will surely close my eyes
And soon just swim away
To heaven to my heaven
They are the last few words
That may

Touch you everyone of you
But tHen I won’t be sure
All I hope with all my heart
Is they do for evermore x

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