#standing rock

They stand in the shadows
Up on the hill
Thoughtlessness sadly
Starting to spill
A tactical encampment
Using strong light
To illuminate our camps
In the dead of the night

They are irrational
Issuing threats
Where ancestors ashes
Were scattered
The debts unpaid
By these robocops
Believing that they
Have the right to be there
At the end of the day

Insentient trolls
With their fancy ideas
Take off your goggles
Its heightening fears
Up here on the hill
Where we want to pray
They are heavily armed
And exuding dismay

A bridge had been built
And some walked across
But were being warned
It would be at their loss
If we went home
They would leave too
No confrontation
And thats what we did do

The elders decided to go back to camp
With at least 6 shot guns
And hose pipes to ramp
Up the confusion
The testable pain
They could always come back
And try it again

The white folk in Bismark
Clearly got through
To the pipe line constructors
Thats why it comes through
Indigenous treaty land
Because they knew
They we were much weaker
The land of the Sioux

America’s treaties don’t stand up in law
They are just bits of paper
Nobody’s sure
Who owns what land
Its been sold again
To the energy partners
Really thats plain

To see its skullduggery
Typically so
And of course theres dissent
As the numbers now grow
Reservation land
Defiance we see
The cops armed and dangerous
The indigenous free
Spirits, with prayer
With sweat lodges and care
With love and devotion
Just to be there

Ignorance clearly
The unconscious cops
So unenlightened
And unbriefed
All the stops
pulled out
To alarm with the weaponry
The height of absurdity
In their display

Unblessed with wisdom
And ungifted as hell
Fatuous arguments
They try to sell
Up against sages
And elders who know
What is right from wrong
And why their numbers do grow

KElcey Warren’s men
Clearly do what they want
They have the weapons
And he is the font
Of human knowledge
He is their king
When he says jump
They jump and they bring

To bear on the people
With prayer in their hearts
With drums and with smudge
Expecting up starts
Will give in to them
But I don’t think they will
And its clear to me that blood
They will spill

Enthused by their numbers
And their history
The indigenous move forward
Their plainness we see
Their interpretation
Is this is their land
Sold off by the government
Which we don’t understand

They want what they want
And they do what they do
And theres no going back
The pipe must go through
With OBama’s hands tied
By the high masters who
Have decided its route
Its affirmed and its true

We know its bad faith
They are liars in fact
Its about double dealing
And who will react
Worse the white people
In Bismark
Or you
Treaty land people
Thats what they do

Two faced and treacherous
Forked tongues they be
They lie like troopers
And Wait and see
Who they perceive are the weaker
And they
Plumped for the native born
Souls anyway

Cheaters and swindlers
Thats America now
Top down they are at it
You may ask how
False flags and fakes
They always betray
Their friends and their people

Whats going to happen
My gut feeling they
Will have to back down at the end of the day
The black snake is coming
The MISSOURI will see
Its vast bowels re open
One day it will be

Coughing its sputum and it will destroy
The water for sure there will never be joy
The corporate speak here is suck it and see
And if it goes wrong we are gone actually
So then you can take it up with others who
Will be around to do what they do
A charm offensive bull shit and more
With the feculant spirit outside your door
Ill bealth and disease its all up to you
This land is now our land and that much is true

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