WIld killer whales swim many miles
And hunt its what they do
So Seaworld and the other prisons
Who all are clueless to
Their actual need
For water in its freshest state
Which is obtained from living food
Which is altogether great

Keeping them in the chlorine tanks
Fed on thawed frozen fish
The problem for the hunters
Is Water they languish
in these
Concrete bath tubs
Without currents,and
Nothing living in the soup
And fail to understand

Captivity is unnatural
And its clear cetaceans will
Become sick from this frozen food
That someone else did kill
Who knows where and who know when
And so its doctored too
With antibiotics and other drugs
Its what aquaria do

No flora or living organisms
Its such an alien place
Basically swimming in their toilets
Lost without a trace
No other members of the fsmily
Alien groups they be
Unable to communicate
Lost in honesty

Its no wonder they cant hack it
Having to do tricks to
Get fed thrown from a bucket
A lot is rancid through
And through and this reality
Is theres for all their days
Profit cows they have become
Which honestly just plays

Into the corporation
Of course their bottom line
Their orofit and loss
They dont give a toss
For how cetaceans dine
For really what they do enjoy
The fresh squids and the kinds
Of fish that they prefer to eat
It must just blows their minds

No wonder their fins fold down
And they are lethargic all the time
Its important to feed them fish thats fresh
Not wait until the slime
Covers it in the warm buckets
Standing in the heat
And throwing little morsals
To get them to compete

The Orca needs a lot of fish
And its movement they admire
They like to travel distances
And very seldom tire
From their investigation
And discoveries they make
But in a sterile concrete tank
The environment is fake

Swiftness is a keyword
Depth it has to be
Diving with their lightening thrusts
In and around the sea
It gives them a vivacity
A life force that they need
And sharing the hunt
Its how they punt
And obviously how they feed

They are social creatures
Their family is their thing
Hunting sharing watching caring
This to them does bring
So much into their being
All seeing actually
And left inside a bath tub
Freedom cannot be

And so they become so sluggish
Retarded in a way
Unhurried and slow moving
And its Their health thats going to pay
There is no depth to go down to
Their echo locaters fail
Their is no hunting allowable
Because they are in our jail

And this may be for the rest of their lives
They are on death row
They never did a thing wrong
But ofcourse now they do know
Its prison food forever
And tricks all bloody day
And fed on frozen fishy slop
That really is no way

They are the attraction
So they are bombarded by
Really awful human music
That deafening from the sky
And the sun burns down upon them
And their skin gets burnt and dry
So they feed on the gelatine
To hydrate them by and by

But it isnt any substitute
For fresh fish that they can catch
With all the organic juices
You cannot really match
Up the true creative forces
With gelatine and slop
But that is what they live on
And it will never stop

And the corporations reckon
That they do all the right things
Because they eat such atter crap themselves
And so it brings
to mmind for them
That killer whales eat fish and so
That of course they buy
Tons of frozen god knows what
And honestly wonder why

They dont feel they are in heaven
Its the arrogance of man
The boardroom thinks of profit
And margins and their plan
But the cheapest lowest margin fish
Irrespective really for they
What they prefer or like to eat
They dont have any say

Its no wonder that they get unwell
And full of anxiety too
Remember they live in family pods
But here a solitary few
Maybe live together but they are
Of another race
And fed on all this thawed out slop
For them its a disgrace

And the sounds remember killer whales
Operate in this way
They work with reverberation
And its hiw they play
They are musical and whimsical
And joyful to a beat
So mooching around a bath tub
In the summer heat

It really is an absurdity
To imagine that they do
Not realuse the futility
With just nothing to view
What of expectation
Most now live in fear
No inventiveness noinspiration
For nothing will appear


Request came in from my friend
KImberley Nicole Fossander x

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