Broome clearly ignorant of its decision
To let Western down
And create a division
The japanese bombed them during the war
But that didnt phase them
They seem to ignore

They talk up the pearl fishing
And the japanese
But Taiji drive huntIng
Is coddled in sleaze

Its evil beyond anything that is good
These vile trophy hunters
Really they should
Be sent off to the salt mines
And just left to rot
BROOME insults intelligence
For what they have got

Is helping the murdering scum
to save face
By making Broome
an even bigger disgrace

And they should be aware
What is happening there
AUstralia this isnt cute
You are bringing your countRy
Down to their level
And down into their disrepute

Into their shadows
The slaughter the blood
The pithing the slavery
There is now a flood

Of dastardly evil
And Australia finds
Its tourist potential
Is poisoning minds

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