Pipes of peace

THe corrosive chemicals that they use
Really nobody should choose
Its all mixed up with the crudest oil
And if it leaks into the soil
Or into the river imagine that
when everyone knows where its at
The MISSOURI, potentially
Lifeless smouldering violently

Remember the tribes at Standing Rock
The corporate lawmakers flock
Spilling their lies and saying that they
Were as safe as houses in every way
It didnt take long and the great black snake
Breached and leaking and wide awake
Soon realised the evil there
Coughing up the great despair

As for those down river they
Lost their water on that day
Millions of fish and mammals too
Were soon upside down in a toxic stew
Truck loads they carted away
And thousands of wild birds too
Did pay
But the biased media all they did say
Was it was just a small leak
And that they would pay

Truck loads of fish just toxic waste
Carried off fast really in haste
People they started feeling ill
And it was down to the new oil spill
Remember the robocops some live by
Their children suffering wondering why
They bashed the protectors who told them it
Would happen and then they would drink the shit

And sure enough those great steel pipes
Soon corrode no matter which types
They use they are liars through and through
What the protectors said was true
No insurance just cost snd woe
They were too late but now they know
The corporatation get off scott free
The bloody shareholders they dont see
Their blood money will do them no good
And to think they bloody thought it would

As for OBAMA and the Clinton clan
With their dirty fingers I was never
a fan
But so many were which is really why
All these animals souls must die
Cancers will of course occur
It starts with respiratory stuff
And why
Do they get away because corporates do
They earn their money because they screw
The life out of the countryside
And The people wherever they reside
The animals and the fishes they
All end up victims right away

The biased press brainwashed the vote
They all believed the shit they wrote
All taken in and now they pay
Families even split away
The media got to the people and
Spread the message throughout the land

And now the animals take the rap
Its bottled water nothing on tap
The corporations sell the stuff
And if you can pay you can buy enough
If you cant then sorry chum
You can wash in piss if you have got some

Pipelines to export far away
Its not for your car you are going to pay
For someone elses profit score
That up to iw youy did ignore.
But now you kids sick animals too
You are having nose bleeds
Yes you too
If only you had listened at standing rock
Instead of instilling the kind of shock
Thet you did all that torment
And injury
Arresting the elders
Subjecting them to a lot of pain
And then arresting them over again

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