NO to the energy fucking partners
NO to their crude oil
YEs to water which is life
DAkota access pipelines we dont want you here
When it leaks and it will leak
This is what we fear

We all have our purpose
We all know the score
KElcey Warren has the right
To try to start his war

Its our continued pressure
Our dreams, our soul, our heart
Its a revolution
A solution
From the start

We have to stop this black snake
Writhing at our feet
We have to stop this pipeline
Its built for the elite

We wont back down not ever
And if we have to be
Injured by the bean bag rounds
Then so be it, security

Thats to be our destiny
Your history our way
Your crude oil snake has to be stopped
And stopped now right away

The white folks over in Bismark
They said No to you
And you were quick to change the route
And ensure that it came through

Our land our reservations
Our sacred sites yes you
Are a bunch of arse oles
And that really is true

You wouldnt respect our rights
But the white folk you did bow
Down to them and shit on us
Ask yourselves now how?

You expect us to lay down
And face the coming strife
When this dirty pipeline leaks
Our water is our life
For us and for our children
Fresh and clean and good
We wont buy nestle bottled crap
For you know we never should

And the oil will be for export
We know its not for here
Its crude its filthy dirty
Of course it spreads such fear
This land tHis river this is our
Future so to say
And Kelcey Warren what we say to you
Is go away

Never ever come back
Your detestable okay
You bring rhe vilest security guards
And then to us you say
You now own an easement
Its our land its our land
We dont want you near us
Cant you understand?

You sit in your plush boardrooms
Checking orofits all day long
None of you are in any way
Caring if the throng
In our camps now praying
That someone soon sees sense
And stops this pipe line carrying on
With the atmosphere so tense

Many have been in kennels
In your jAils stripped searched like dogs
Rubber bullets bean bag rounds
We are never cogs
In your great wheel of profit
We care for this earth
Water is the life we seek
In water there is worth.


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