DOn’t come up the hill they said
And we will go away
And what did they do
They are erecting
Razor wire to say
The opposite a razor fence
And that is bound to cause
Really terrible injuries
So they won’t get my applause

And now they have written instructions
To clear the camp away
On the 5th of December
The army corp now say
The camp must be dismantled
Eviction is the key
Injuries will follow
For sure and more will be

Praying and be shot at
By these infidels in black
Heartless soulless morons
Who are dishing out some flack
For protectors around this planet
Who know what DAPLA means
Water is life and without it strife
but the cops are now machines

Robots they are taxing
The angels who just pray
Stand there with their chanting
And drums which many play
And receive the rubber bullets
The bean bag rounds as well
The mace the pepper in their eyes
Its security from Hell,

It is all kicking off now
OBAMA Has been no use
He is there apparently
To increase the vile abuse
He hasnt done a thing to stop
The Energy Partners plan
They continue drilling
He’s perhaps their only fan

So the Oceti Sakowin camp
They have to take it down
Its all giving instructions
And the indigenous will drown
Out the true protection
Constantly are told
We don’t want confrontations
On them we are not sold

But basically there is no compromise
The drilling does go on
KElsey Warren rubs his hands
When they all are gone
He is making a fortune
Though the risks are very high
And if this pipe does leak
A lot of folk may die

This the fight of the century
They have to make their stand
There is no way back no where to go
They have lost their precious land
The rogues have destoyed their srtifacts
And not respected their site
They are leaving them with no where to go
Except perhaps to fight

Prayers are really wasted
On these robocops for they
Are dead from the neck up and down
And up to now we pay
Injuries are coming an Arm and eyes and more,
They have no leg to stand on
Now its all out war

And what are they going to do about this
Do they stand and fight
Or do they stand and carry on their prayers
Into the night
Sacrificial lambs they be
As rubber bullets fly
Water hoses shotguns even
Some may even die

And its happening in America
The great land of the free
Supposedly a democratic state
But actually
Its more corporate gang masters
Who now be
Out there the enslavers
They now call the shots
And the guardians and protectors
Are really now just blots

On these so called treaty lands
Sold off already by
The government whose agreements
Are just another lie
The veterans are coming
On the 4th I hear
And with so many ordinary folk
And so it remains clear

The banks are losing depositors
Thats a great idea
People are sending food and clothes
Via Amazon I hear
Whatever really happens
They are not going away
And winters bite is coming down
And apparently they will stay

The cost is growing clearly
Its like a mini war
On both sides folks need feeding
And what us it all for
Oil mostly for export
It will not be sold here
So all this pain and suffering
Is for profit and thats clear

And the shareholders their karma
Is increasing by the day
Their overdrafts are getting to be
Likely now to lay
Heavily on their arteries
Its going to make them feel
Anything but happy
Its become a real ordeal

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