NOrth Dakota Morton County
OBAMA and his mob
The sheriff and his deputies
The percussion grenades
They lob
The mace the rotten pepper sprays
Rubber bullets too
Bean bag rounds
And the ELRADS
And ice water, who?
Now inside America
Thats Anerica the free
Would dare to authorize a strike
On protectors now who be
Camped upon their reservation land
Under the evil gaze
Of all the rotten robocops
Who have entered their criminal phase

Celebrating thanksgiving
When indigenous souls were killed
NO nothing to be thankful for
When all that blood was spilled
And now water protectors
Are up against the wall
Of ugliness and brutality
And some who pray do fall
Their knee caps shot, arms torn too
And kennelled in the cells
This is still America
And OBAMA and his spells
Of just looking the other way
And letting it run its course
Letting the pipeline
Go through treaty land
And yes by force

Despite the many protectors
Who have come from near and far
Not one of them
Are actually armed
Made up of each star
The dust of the ancestors
They stand together in prayer
Being blasted by your hoodlums
Who came from everywhere

And as they say we love you
They are maced in their face
Are these policemen married
Who is on their case?
The pipeline, security
Mercenaries who
Would kill their bloody grandmother
If you paid them to
So what chance have our elders
Our women and us all
BISMARK already told you
Tokd you what to do
Run it over indigenous land
Just keep it away
From the white mans castles
So now what do you say

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