GJINA/JETA A female BEAR chained to the floor

To be a bear
Both wild and free
To subsist out there
Is to really be
Grounded and reigning
Through wilderness parts
Out in the world
Where life in fact starts

So to come under the
What became imperfection
Bearing no relation
To wildness and purity
Freedom and life
To become a prisoner
And so much strife

Chained to a floor
A ring through my snout
To work the beaches
Where they would flout
The pain in my nostrils
Each time I was led
Dragged through the sand
And so under fed

The rest of my time was spent
Chained to the floor
It was dank it was cold
I never was sure
When I would be fed
With nothing to do
But dream of those wild times
And what I did do

Of course I was sad
Of course in such pain
I heard human laughter again and again
Selfies they paid him to let me also be
Part of the photograph
Yes that was me!

A female who loved life
The mountains to where
I used to stroll without any care
Eat what I found or caught
Shared the great scene
But now as a captor
Of a man that was mean

He never fed me the place
Where I stayed
Chained to the floor
Slowly I did fade
Rats running about
They were still free
They told me why was it
I had to be

Chained to the dirty floor
All of the day
And all of the night sometimes
Why did I pay
Being such a big animal
Why did I let
This rotten human
Let me get wet

And dirty and sad
Could I not escape
The frustration and sadness
And losing my shape

I tried to appeal
To those by the sea
Looked into their eyes
i was trying to be
Hopeful that they would realise I
Was sadder than them
That I wanted to die

But most of the tourists
For thats what they were
Couldnt see passed their noses
They were thick, and my fur
Was ragged and dirty
Couldnt they see
As it happens these humans
Are sick actually

So each day I was dragged here and there
And back to
The shed where of course
I was chained
It was true
My teeth got all broken
My eyes got all sore
My heart was so painful
My home was the floor

There was no harmony
Just dissaray
And He often kicked me
Out of the way
You have no idea
What its like to be there
I would cry in my sleep
With the utter despair

Then one day it happened
The light came to be
Men came i went to sleep
Yes suddenly
They apparently freed me
Cut off my chain
Relieved me of my iron ring
That so hurt my brain

They lifted me in a sling
Carried me to
A truck that was waiting
God this was new
Took me to Tirana
To be examined by
A doctor a carer
And there I did lie

For a while I was fed
Love came back peoples cared
And now in PRISTTINA
In a sanctuary shared
A beautiful countryside
Grass trees and all
The sun on my back
i could hear the birds call

Again I am free
In a place that is wild
i feel like a bear
That feels like a child
I can go where I like
I can sit and I can run
Or just sit out freely under the sun

Can you know what that means
Can you feel for me, you
i am once again whole
I can do what I do
There is food there is water
Somewhere to play
Somewhere to scratch
At the end of the day

Somewhere to sleep
To dream and to be
Away from that shed
And that beach and just see
Fools eating ices and laying about
And paying my handler
Realy to rout

To torture me injure me
Make me so sad
And now I am here
i never feel bad
Infact I am happy
So happy to be
In a place where there’s love
And where I can be free

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