Standing Rock and the US Government

One has to really come to terms
With reality
An encampment now at Standing Rock
Have found
Somebody is pest dusting in the black of night
Its raining down upon the tribes
Which we all know isnt right

Crop dusting its people
An illuminati trick
Hoping now to poison them
Or at least to make them sick
THis is narrow mindedness
Its prejudicial too
Thise protecting the water
As caring people do

Could it be the government
Of the police or really who
Has the power to do such nasty things
I take the view
That corporate power had grown
And grown
And suspicion sadly means
That being non compliant
You are attacked by the machines

Clearly not blessed with wisdom
And unconscious to the call
Injudicious and undiscerning
Building some kind of wall
Of poison from the aircraft
Thats not sprayed on the police
Just aimed at the tribals parts
For all this vile release

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