Men Music and Madness

COarseness and vulgarity
Grossness and impropriety
Festivals where sadism
Is countrified and rude
SPain creates a spectacle
Altogther lewd

Barbarians of the present day
Hideousness and grotesque the way
They treat their bulls
Such improbity
With a total lack of conscience
And utter roguery

Setting light to a bull’s horns
That burns his head and blinds his eyes
Such complicity snd worthlessness
Surely they must realise
Men music and madness
Their wickedness obscene
Irreverent and aweless
And scurrilous and mean

Lets stop a while and consider
The Majestic one the BULL
His courage his commitment
He is really full
Of joy and imagination
A beast held in a claim
Respectaed by so many
But murdered by the flame

The disparagement he suffers
The humiliation too
Fireworks being let off
And flying as they do
This way that way
Noisy sxploding the air
Why ill treat and animal
That happens to be there

That he leaves this world
So shattered by the scornfulness of man
It really is an outrage
Which really awful clan
Could ever really come up
With such horror and agree
To be so full of evil
On a soul that should be free

And then call it a festival
A time of utter joy
Where families come together
And party and employ
The merciless the ruthless
The unconsoling crew
Who burn a bull before our eyes
Which remorselessly they do

SPain is sick the spanish
Who still observe this crap
Need to have their arses kicked
Their backs should feel the strap
Beat them till they are black and blue
Substitute them for
The Bulls that up till now they do abuse
Let them all be sore

Lets dance around their ugly bodies
Bleeding in the night
Still set off the fireworks
Lets enjoy the sight
Of ugly brutal men of war
Lashed with straps till they
Shreik snd beg for mercy
Whikst rhe bulks are led away

If they want to continue
Then draw lots and so engage
do it on each other
In their drunken rage
Extend it to their family
Let them feel the pain
And stop this barbaRism
Because it is insane

Such vengeance and such spitefulnes
It really has to end
The world is watching afterall
Who would want to be your friend
Where is your morality
Who would want to live with you
The misfeasance that you offer up
Its disgraceful what you do

And we all have a duty
Not to look away
Not to believe the utterings
But bloody well make you pay
Boycott spanish offerings
Don’t be a tourist there
Write to the SPANISH Embassy
And speak of your despair

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