TUMBILI Sanctuary

A happy home and enchanting place
Where blessedness and bliss
Really a seventh heaven
And of course the emphasis
Is on thoughtfulness and kindness
For fulfilment is the key
For those irreversibly damaged
By human cruelty

Instinctively affection
Predisposes soul
Responsiveness and reaction
And how that does control
To have that understanding
To demonstrate that care
To be sensitive and sentient
And remain so aware

Its ecstatic for the animals
That were victims,broken souls
Who underwent such trauma
Who faced those false controls
Who suffered from pure ignorance
And hurt inside so much
Those People were so selfish
And so far out of touch

Creating victims with their numbness
Their stupor maybe so
And what about those victims
Where now could they go
The vervet monkeys suffering
Maimed in many ways
If it were not for
TUMBILI there it seems to raise

Their spirits their emotions
Their life paths to create
Their disgruntlement and uneasiness
And tension to placate
To offer warmth and caring
For the injustices they feel
To welcome and to sympathize
And change their lives for real

A sanctuary to peacefully
Be socially aware
Companionship and love and joy
With humility to share
The belief all life is sacred
And all life perfect too
The mystique and the magic
And the stardom of the true

They surround themselves with happiness
With an animal family who
Experience the wonder and know
Thats its all true
There is a wealth of love here
And everyone does care
TUMBILI is a paradise
On earth and it is where

Friends turn up from out of the blue
Eager to be part
Recently a beautiful pig GLITZY
With a heart
Strong and clearly ready
To join the lovely crew
Along with Fudge and Fluff and Barbie
Goats who do what all goats do

They certainly tweak your heart strings
Wide eyed spell bound souls
Bouncing with such joyfulness
Taking on their roles
Of frolic and of play
Their merriment so obvious
Making everybody’s day

DR Malcom and Shesh Roberts
The magicians around the place
The owners and the carers
Their benevolence and grace
Such charity altruistic and generous
They be
Affectionate and decent
With such hospitality

And the animals are happy
You csn feel that from the start
And ever growing family
That benefits from the heart
That is eternally beating
Giving love to those
Who previously faced anger
And anything but repose

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