Tears and grime

When they are down and out and lonely
No parents around
No one wants to know a child
Who just Sleeps on the ground
Where ever really he is
Thats where he beds down
Preferably somewhere sheltered
In a shop front in some town

Some seek refuge in a tip
Until the policeman comes
And moves us on they want us gone
Me and all my chums
No where to go not much to do
But see what we can find
And sell off to somebody
If we have the mind

Some times we go to tourist places
The hotels for out back
The bins are full of stale food
So when I am on my jack
I climb inside the great big bins
To see what I can find
Anything thats edible and theres lots
To blow ones mind

I found a pack of cigarettes which I swapped
For some bread
All sorts of things are in these bins
So clearly I get well fed
The problem is the security
They chase me away
They would rather have me starving
Than taking bin stuff away

Laying in a rubbish heap
Like so much junk about
There is no place to wash away
The grime and there is no doubt
For me my life is over
Ever since my mother died
And my step father just turfed me out
And just bloody lied

Said that I had run away
And he got off scot free
And I was left out on the streets
With no one to love me
I cry a lot what else is there
But cry and hope one day
Someone is prepared to take me in
A new mum lets say

But up to now there is nobody
So nothing left for me
But carry on this street life
And hang around and see
If someone will give me a chance
Look after me a while
For breaking rocks and stealing shit
Is really not my style

Poem inspired by a friend on twitter

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