The hunter man

Outdoorsmanship and hunters
Such terminology
For the great class of frustrated men
Who kill for fun and be
Entering the shared world
Of the countryside for all
To walk our dogs to jog to play
And to really call
On Nature our great mother
Who provides her expertise
Predators and prey animals
All there among the trees
Existing in a paradigm
The outdoor warrior he
All decked out in camouflage
For everyone to see

He is making a statement
He is the forest where
He stalks and traps the innocent
Who happen to be there
Created for his enjoyment
Each miracle of life
Its so these men of arrogance
Can use their guns and knife
And bows to slaughter animals
Wild animals who share
The forest with insanity
And there is lots to spare

So he shoots 2 dogs out walking
An accomplishment he feels
Someone else is walking them
This thought though he conceals
Stupid dogs not on the leash
They are now fair game
And so he shoots their lights out
Thats their claim to fame

Hides their dying bodies
And doesnt even feel
Anything emotional
For he is MR REAL
The outdoor man the warrior
The peoples chosen king
What he does is what he does
His chaos is his thing

He is in a dissarray
Seething in his soul
And violence is the springboard
A whirlwind of a role
He is all dressed
Up and ready
Dislocated from the rest
Irregular and random
Anomalous at best

Confused and entangled
In the business of his day
He is the great pathfinder
The pioneer at play
The deers are there as targets
His arrogance would tell
They become his focus
For them their living hell

He is a non conformist
A dissenter in a way
Who sees himself as the rebel
And for that we all can pay
Lip service to these bands of boys
Masochists at heart
Misfits in so many ways
The old brand of upstart

Outlandish in their thinking
I mean to say this guy
Shot two dogs he just shot them
In the twinkling of his eye
And he himself has two dogs
His own dogs but he snapped
Probably frightened his target
And in his pants he crapped

He calls himself a public figure
There you go again
So he is somebody on facebook
Yea he is insane
The Goddard Law is after him
OHIO and the rest
Poor Emmy and poor Bella
With their spirits they did invest

In a state of unconsciousness
Insentient he be
Punch drunk from the forest air
Hypnotized for free
It was gratifying to see the
Gentle deer
Getting a lot closer
Without a jot of fear

And then the dogs came running
And away the deer did go
His ego took a massive knock
As most of us now know
The furnace in his little brain
Got hot snd burned a bit
And so he pulled the trigger
And killed each little shit

He heard their ululation
And buried them away
Underneath some bracken and dried brush
Hoping to stay
Free of any problem
But the dog owner was there
Screaming at him telling him
He caused so much despair

His inconsideration
His thoughtlessness abroad
His so called new elation
Would not be a reward
Clearly it was rashness
A preoccupation where
He didnt stop to think
Just fired because the dogs were there

He didnt show due diligence
As the evidence does show
And he took their personal collars
As trophies so to show
What he had done you have to say
Thats a mean old thing
Really unimaginative
For surely that does bring

His madness into the wide world
There is a darkness there
Clearly he is a philistine
So very unaware
That really was a howler
The silly symphony
Probing his ineptitude
And asininity

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