Keep animals off your plates

Lying in a drain
A baby alone
Where is its mother
Its future thrown
To the winds of the time
Lords far far Way
Its fighting for breath
In a most futile way

The chickens
The worst for wear
Bruised and unkempt
Clearly manhandled
Treated with contempt
Where are the home truths
What do we do
Why are these victims
Looking at you

Clearly in agony
Clearly so shocked
Broken wings all it brings
Is we half cocked
Still want our chicken
Breaded with spice
Look into their eyes
And plump for some rice

A calf lays so still
On a dirty wet floor
Kidnapped he was
And still we ignore
His frantic pleadings
We want his veal
He is so weak
But has massive appeal

Great heals of Tuna
Gaffes till they bleed
Gasping for air
They cannit succeed
Weighted down crushed
In the melee for life
We have no compassion
Just oodles of strife

Pigs in small cages
Biting their bars
Clearly stressed out
They cant see the stars
The sky ir the sun
All they see
Is their end
Look at them hoping that
You are their friend

More chickens legs broken
Wings broken too
From all the manhandling
That chickens go through
Why men the handlers
Treat them so rough
Lufe for a chicken
Is terribly tough

More fish its crazy the oceans
From where
All these fish cone from
Great pools od despair
Bloodied and broken
And smothered in ice
And left to suffocate
How is that nice?

Animals lives
Mean a great
Why are we certain
That they are our meal
The torment the torture
The evil of man
When truthfully really
We should be a fan

For they are the innocent
They love life too
But we are consigning them
All their lives through
To lack of attention
And to lack of care
And a horrible death
So hiw can that be fair

Thabk you Mercy for animals
And facebook today

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