We are all victims of the corporate state of affairs

Armed to the teeth
But with miniscule brain
Robots of sin
Its all about gain
The corporate giants
Are ruling this world
With their army of arses
And their flags all unfurled

Who is the enemy
Now of the state
Its us all of us
We only now wait
For the hordes to come hither
Brandishing arms
Tear gas and Mace
And assorted charms

Hoses thats waste precious water
And more
Cause so much pain to protectors
The law
Is on their side
We are victims alas
We stand to protect
But are beaten enmasse

The indigenous people
With prayer sticks galore
Offering love and getting back more
Than they ever imagined
The sheriff says we
Yes the common people
Are the enemy

AMerica stands at the crossroads
For we
In essence are all part
Of humanity
But there is no equivalence left
Not today
With the so called police
And their angels who pay

Uniformed goons
A monotonous band
A monstrous mosaic
That now rules the land
Creating such chaos
On angelic soil
Where treaties are torn up
And then blood does boil

A disequilibrium comes to a head
We are inferior
Thats what they said
The pipe line is god
Its the crude they will sell
Overseas its for export
Creating a hell

For the people whose taxes
They throw back in their face
Along with their bean bag rounds
And the disgrace
The army in waiting
To attack and arrest
A new day of judgement
For the truly blessed

A progression of spirit
Runs through us all
As we all stand together
The ancestral call
Ascending descending
The gamut of breath
With the realisation
Of what could be death

Our focus protection
Of water for all
We are the embodiment
Of those who fall
Trampled by water
Great hosepipes to wet
Up against soldiers who remain
In our debt

The times they are changing
For suddenly we
Hold prayer sticks aloft
But are charged constantly
Beaten with sticks and maced till we cry
This is the corporate monster
From high

Far in the echalons the boardrooms where
Evil and ugliness all of them share
They may be immortal
Shape shifting foe
With a reptillian psyche
And no where to go

We are the durable
We can be killed
We have the blood
And they want it spilled
They work to their cycle
The tetra brigade
Perverted by digital
Their stock in trade

They are the levellers
Vandals in time
The destructive agency
Zombies who mime
To the tyrrany spread
To the unbridled way
Heavy handed and heartless
At the end of each day

Oil from the frack from the tar sands
And more
Through the pipe lines of steel
That will leak and for sure
Cast their spurious vomit all over this land
Which may go unreported
The flames being fanned

By what is the expectancy
All the dead fish
And truck loads of animals
Putting out lies for the people
To hear
Causing contaminants
Then to spread fear

This is what we stand for
And many have come
To sweat in their lodges
And beat on their drum
To come forward knowing that once and for all
We are standing protecting
Humanities call

Insurance cover ups
Cracks all may see
But nobody cares
Till it bursts snd it be
A great contaminAtion
That soaks and destroys
The green grass of home
And the young childrens joys

Then with little support
The army they come
The National Guard
And the rest so that some
Can take out the angels
Can injure them so
And then just deny everything as we know

MAn isnt kind not any more
These AMerican mercenaries
Its about war
Whether jihaddists
Or women in prayer
Nobody worries none
There is no one to care

Psychopaths leading psychopaths
Robotic fools
That descend very rapidly
Into sick ghouls
Their intellect shot away
Their consciousness
Gone with the wind and the sputum
No less

One lady this weekend
Felt a grenade
Tore into her body
In fact she was laid
Out really bleeding
Lost once again
To the might of the trojan
Inflicting his pain

Careless and unnoticing
Far from their minds
Heedless and free
To do what they do
And to do it so well
Take out the angels
And send them to hell

And there isnt an answer
Not any more
The corporate does it
Creates the big war
Puts out propaganda
And tries to divert
Attention away from
The pipe lines through dirt

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