Colonsay and its recent discovery

Imagine being a polar bear
With the glaciars around you there
Ice your forte and extreme sea
Those massive winds with vital qi
Vast blue skies and the coldest air
Transcending everything thats there
An impermanense appArently
As the climate changes rapidly
Timelessness was once the thing
With the energy that it did bring

Now turbulence and destruction comes
As the glaciars melt and crack like drums
The tempest fires off daily now
And ice floes melt no matter how
Cold it gets the wilderness
Is clearly taking on the stress
Bears are travellers and they must try
To find their food beneath the sky
The seals are underneath the ice
They share that toughness that does suffice

Arctic conditions the degrees of frost
Their thick oiled coats But
Well generally but now we see
So many dying actually
Starving and drowning its lack of snow
Lack of land it is a blow
Swimming far in blizzards they
Eventually just pass away

And currents will carry their bodies
May see them floating in the sea
Hundreds of miles and even more
To make land on the farthest shore
THe Hebrides a thousand miles
Three bodies found their awful trials
Lost somewhere exhausted by
The lack of food and land to lie

At Colonsay they were found
Covered in debris but clearly bound
For landfall somewhere and we could see
They had cone far and now they be
White so polar bears they were
“Umka” lost souls who now share
The ocean currents which did bring
Them here their last and fading fling

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