Wickedness was all I saw

Such love such depth
Such empathy
A token of generosity
Such affection
Such intimacy
On her bucket list
Of Integrity

A valentine
Oh goodness me
What unbelievable chivalry
A dead giraffe
Its heart torn free
And gifted to her
As We all can see

Once loving
Once breathing
Once caring
Once sharing
Now a lump of death she holds
Blandishments with loving words
Billing and cooing
Of the vulture birds
A godly soul shot down in wrath
Forced to take its final path
1500 pounds it cost
Such heartlessness
A life was lost
No compassion not a thread
Unmoved dry eyed
For the soul lies dead

Holding the heart
Its angelic cells
Sadistic and brutal
Wrongdoer spells
Now evident for all to see
Holds Her valentines gift
Such infamy

No remorse no charity
What is clearly wrong
For all to see
Injustice the verdict sadly here
Irreverence couched with the utmost fear
Utter contempt disdain and scorn
That such a creature was ever born

To be gunned down
For a grisly cause
Despicably no one did pause
To consider the soul
With its heart of gold
In its place of birth
Unknowingly sold

To be murdered,
its sweet life
cut short
Its heart
Paraded on facebook
The shabbiest start
To a heavenly place
Such abjectness shown
Ungodly behaviour
Its body thrown

Its family insulted
Such impiety
A vile transgression
An enormity
And what was it for
A token of care
Misguided totally
So unaware
Wicked as hell
Guilty as sin
Morals where were they
They clearly wore thin

The dead flesh for locals
The lie of the year
This was a life
Imagine that fear
Such abysmal excuses
Flagrant and wrong
None of this crap
Could ever belong

In the same loving breath
Of the soul who has lost
Their life and their heart
Such an enormous cost
To fulfil a bucket of Evil intent
A life in the bush
That its true god had sent

Guiltlessness perished
Clear conscience died
Freedom from blame
An angel denied
Unspotted unerring
Unworldly poor soul
Wide eyed and innocent

You took control

For the rest of your days
You can think upon this
This moment of pleasure
That brought you such bliss
You can dream forever
Egoistic and mean
For the picture i saw
For me was obscene

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