Stone Henge

Come with me
be wild and free
The Druid orders constancy
Robed and well
Each ancestral spell
Cast diligently
The great plain we see
The chalk below
And earthworks deem
Well trodden paths
Where rituals seem
The ancient emboldened corvidae
On sarsons sit
A wild display
Where History prevails
Where I
Have shared each spirited reply

Below my feet the bones do lie
Other souls who once did ply
The energy of long ago
Metered out to those who know
the sabatts message
The inclination
Its where we find our true salvation
The blue stones cast
Their shadows wide
With the circles
We divide
As souls in spirit
Superimpose the right to be

Imagine the disruption of the hour
The diggers drumming all that power
Transcending from the aged who
Left their marks
To worlds anew
How many robed one’s walked this way
Enclosed in the spirit
Of the day
And now a tunnel a vast earth work
Is mooted, its promised, in shadows lurk
Bygone spirits, artifacts, a warring the earth under cracks
Exposed to steel teeth mashing crashing
Mycelium and earthworm trashing
The spirited the webs the veils
Centuries past great knowledge pales
Bones laid gently torn a’sunder
Grant Shapps MP who now doth plunder
Its the blunder of all time
Here the thunder in the rhyme
Bard and Ovate Druid too
Have walked before us through the dew
Knelt and muttered prayers of old
Shared the frost and felt the cold
Left their sweat and aged old might
All bathed in the Stone Henge light

From Neolithic energy sprung
Worlds before and we among
The spirits of the bygone age
Pick up on those that did engage
The tearful doubting knowledge shown
Now each outing the wind blown
Sunk in some spectacular way
Tangled in the chalk array
Coin and relic buckle belt
Tear drops blood spats
Aura’s dealt
Suffering and joyful laughter
And every sense that cometh after
Who are we to seek to thrust
Our vengeful fury creating
From ancient bones still in situ
The pent up anger of the New
Who are we who selfishly lay waste
To the old energy
Should we bear the negative
that pent up grieving do we dare
Centuries of calming
Softened up by many a prayer

Who are we to cast this stone
To break the boulder and the bone
Undisturbed for aeons they
Softened in the chalk the way
Forward be it with our hands
The wizened old men laid their plans
And we less wise a certainty
Will disrupt their aura certainly

And from that spacial explosive force
The leys a phase the ancient source
What future will be set in stone
Perhaps unutterable a sad tone
A reverberation left in the earth
A forever factor of little worth
The disrespect the rumbling
The concrete walls are crumbling
A consequence of a bad idea
That shone a light on the coming fear

An epitaph perhaps distraught
That in this day and age
Was never thought
But energies of long ago
Are more powerful
Than most of us know.

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