Poor Chinchillas

Michigan in the USA
Suffering doesn’t go away
Chinchillas darling little souls
Honestly poor things are poles
Apart from thoughtful caring they
Were tortured really every day

The fur trade is an awful thing
The suffering that it does bring
To tiny creatures on a farm
Who sadly all come to great harm
Neglected little martyrs they
Their sad eyes bulging
Who dares say
Filled with pus
Most cannot see
Blinded by the cruelty.

Godly souls provided fur
Where desolation does occur
Fretting every single one
Its worse than death
When the day is done
Electrocuted for their skin
Farmers really hot on sin
The pain they feel
They suffer so
Michigan they ought to know
Better so much persecution
How can that be a solution

The fur trade
Is an evil force
With harassment at its
Fancy buying into this
A life that should be utter bliss
But actually is malignity
A joyless dreary place to be
And PETA took the farm to court
And they tried to riggle out
But caught
A big cold rotters that they were
What a way to treat their fur

Beautiful souls gods miracles they
Left to rot left to decay
Sobbing in a painful state
Crying at an awful rate
Bloodied wounds and ugly
All looked like they had been in the wars
And all this sadness for human use
What is confounded vile abuse.

If you wear fur you will end up in HELL

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