A message from the heart
to Grant Shapps MP
Enlightenment and true respect
And longevity
The unconscionable continuance
The incessant flowing meme
STONEHENGE iN perpetuity
A continuance to dream.

For ever and for always
For as long as men have striven
The respect of timelessness
The immutable the given
The meanderings of the Neolithic
Up until this day
To presuppose the thoughts and quests
And the womb of life lets say

In and round this monument
Centuries of thought
Of respect earmarked for future times
How milenniums have brought
Antiquities of the ancients
Earthworks all about
Primitive and primeval
Retroactive without doubt

Construction and the allotted span
The occurrence of the now
Eyes that just see rubble
Honestly now how
Can civil engineering
With its constancy to be
Entrenched in new development
And of course technology

A tunnel thus prevailing
Effectual from the source
Automated vehicles
Earth moving with such force
An Obliteration and undoing
A levelling a dissolution
A tearing down a pulverisation
Still further from a resolution

Vandalism on a scale
Adversity beyond the pale
Cataclysmic mutilation
Far removed from true salvation
The present mutual understanding
Harmony and expiation
To build that tunnel
Such transgression
In time to come
Just whose confession

Would be heard
In Heaven above
A spoiler of
The things we love
The epiphany
The incarnation
The prophetic
Its a celebration

The Tunnel project
Unworthy and
Arrogated out of hand
No desecration thankfully

Thanks to Grant Shapps the MP

His change of heart
Made for a safe passage through History

A poem in expectation

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