“Its from a small farm so much better for me”

Just a small farm
where Milton might
See Paradise lost
And all that in spite
Of that soul who was loving
Life clearly its need
To escape to be off
Just to try and succeed

Its just a small farm
A rosy cheeked pair
As wicked as hell
Creating despair
Sinfulness You feel it
Carnivores tend
To look the other way
And then try to defend

For me the depravity
It was a crime
Blood really everywhere
It took some time
On its feet on their boots
Fighting for breath
Transfusion its roots
The soul wants to lap
It just wants a chance
Sadly in the throes of its
Deathly dance

Of course its ok
Its not actual harm
The reason of course
Its just a small farm
This wondrous life force
A miracle soul
An angel in pain
Being ridden
A role
The women is trying
Hard to curtail
But the goats desperation
Means the women did fail

Two of them at it
With onlookers there
Seeing and hearing the rumpus
They may be next
But its just a small farm
When the murdering couple
Ensure theres no harm

The air is just loaded
With innocent fear
The ululation for me it is clear
The wailing the blubbering
The heaving breast
The moaning the groaning
I have to detest

The evil before me
The pain and the grief
Just a small farm
It beggars belief
A weakening state
The goat on the floor
He cuts at its throat
And its moves
He was sure

What a brave warrior
Startled was he
His victim just moved
Suffering so much
An odious scene
A butt-ugly demon
A fucking has been

Then a great chop
The poor soul fell
The greatest obscenity
The worst kind of spell
Blatant and gaudy
Vulgar and loud
Sunk in despair
Oh he just looked so proud

As punch what a scum bag
The fearsome a veil
Of blood lust and dread
Brought an end to this tale
The camera rolling
Others behind
Trembling and quaking
So clearly defined

Having been vegan
For so many years
Choked up was I
Feeling the tears
Run down my cheeks
Their composure and all
Just a matter of course
With the calm of the stall

The attitude haughty
It was all an affront
This was no life force
Just a bit of a runt
Just so much repugnance
A loathing as well
That goat was in Heaven
The farmer in Hell

So nauseating revolting to see
To take on the death cries
The anguish for me
Spiteful and vicious
Sullen and wrong
Just a small farm
Where No soul does belong

Such menace a forethought
The heartlessness there
Minus compassion
No one to care
Their kilo of flesh
No quarter did they
Give or suggest
At the end of the day

It all was just wrong
An unwarranted act
It was iniquitous
So matter of fact
A disgrace to be human
Wrong from the start
For me off the chart

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