Piglet stuck in a gate

A baby pig
Malnourished he
Got stuck in a gate
For all to see
On a farm where pigs
Are guiltless souls
Blameless, sucklings
Yes their roles
In life are small
Creation made them one and all
Unspotted, unblemished
Free from sin
Innocuous hamless
And sadly thin
Falsely accused
Clearly abused
Shaking with fear
Its very clear

They know no wrong
A state of grace
Tagged already
This disgrace
The farmer guilty
Of aiding and abetting
Alrwady setting
A date for slaughter
For little souls
Angelic really
Newborn roles

This little piglet
Wedged neath the gate
How he struggled
Was this his fate
A miracle
He created by
Mother Nature
This little guy
Perfect in every single way
Except he was born
To die today

Or soon anyway
With a tag on his ear
All that sublime creation
Then came the fear
Struggling hurting
Brazen as hell
And nobody comforts
A pig in hell

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