These so conservationists
Who go out late at night
Shooting our beloved roo’s
In the pale moonlight
Aiming at big males
Because thats the thing to do
But actually hitting females
And squashing joeys too

And pinkies also in the pouch
Imagine For a while
It Knocks out all the creative gift
Of life and it does rile

Me, I have to tell you
The other rotten trick
Is on their dirty vehicles seeds
We know they pick
Acting ofcourse as vectors
Its a long distance spread
Of noxious weeds like parthenium
Yes that is what I said

Roadside washdowns often
Dont get to grips with seeds
Most are making money
From their bloody awful deeds
Already they kill females
And spread this noxious stuff
And for our beloved Kangaroos
Life is really tough

Ask the shooters what they do
And why they do it they
Are doing it for money
Money all the way
Empathy for them unknown
Compassion what a joke
Often its poor dressing
And poor hygiene at a stroke

Training firms are out there
Teaching them the ropes
Legislation and sharpening knives
Sanitization hopes
For Kangaroos are minimal
Up against these guys
Who are operating piece meal
And they just dont realise

The damage they are doing
To the wild life that we love
Creation brought them to this land
Gifted from above
Iconic ones bush angels
Organic through and through
They were there before these shooters were
But most dont have a clue

Its just money for them

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