The Kudu who met an angel

State of grace
Freedom from blame
Innocuous but far from tame
A majestic kudu
Tried to leap
A fence and found
It was to steep

One, GrantPengilly
Passing by
Saw the mishap
And went to try
And free the soul
From the tangled fence
His rescue really very tense

A kudu kicking perilously
With great big horns
We all can see
The danger here
How a heart of gold
Can give a man
Who is clearly sold

A field guide
Touring Africa, he
Just leaving Central Kalahari
Finds this animal down and out
But goes to help
Without a doubt

On his own he cuts away
To free the beast
Without delay
At any time such panic there
Such bravery
We are aware

His resoluteness
Clearly he
Was well aware
How he could be
Badly injured with a kick
A plucky fellow
He could lick
Any problem
We can see
A true lionheart
Who valiantly

Saved that Kudu
Who couldnt run
Who was clearly shocked
Out in the sun
But his saviour
Using circumspection
And deliberation
And intellection

He went for it
Whatever, how
To save that animal
And Gets a WOW
A super wow from you and I
And all wild creatures
Passing by

And the Kudu he lifted
Just got him going
Really got his adrenaline flowing
And up he got
And ran away
To possibly dream
for another day

How a human being
saved his life
By dealing
with all that inner strife
How an angel came
How he persevered
And rescued a creature
Whom he feared

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