Iberian lynx

Prey animals and predators
Are what Nature’s about
Its balance its all worked out
Infact there is no doubt
Man is bloody arrogant
To clever yes by far
He also fucks up always
He is definately no star

Hunters talk up conservation
Having no idea
They con or think they con us
But actually its clear

They basically rock the proverbial boat
And we all fall in the sea
Creation knows the mathematics
Knows exactly where we be

So we introduce the rabbits
Loads of them to shoot
So many that they come in plagues
Which is at the root

Of many of the problems
So we give the rabbits pain
Its called myxomatosis
And in reality its insane

They die out right across the lands
Swollen heads and eyes
Bleeding from their poor old mouths
Again we all are wise

The lynx they live on Rabbits
Thats really all they eat
But we have gone and fucked up
We cannot be discreet

So gradually the lynx is under pressure
Their rabbit meal is falling
Just like flies
The habitat is also getting smaller
This is what is happening the guys

Who live out in the wild are under pressure
From man un kind who tells us he’s man kind
Actually in the main he up his own arse
Or in a nutshell environmentally he’s blind

So the lynx starts dying and Is on the red list
The rabbits they too are a failing breed
Man has got his hat on but its the wrong way around
So for the poor old lynx now to succeed

They need some help from people with a brainbox
With a heart and soul who are prepared
To help the lynx and the rabbit
Rebuild themselves again
I have to say I am happy that they have spared

The lynx and sort of brought it back to being
Wild and happy and eating rabbits who
Run the iberian peninsula and live full lives as well
Conservation think and act will you?

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