You want my skin my pelt my fur
God given wealth perhaps we were
Each created for different climes
Which Possibly you might concur
You have skin why take mine
Its true mines thicker
But yours is fine
But adding mine to yours you feel
Warmer but do you feel real ?

Fashion and design creates
An image then it kind of grates
Its the arrogance perhaps the steal
I must lose my life so you can be real
But who are you to decide that I
Must give up my life I just must die
Be trapped engaged and of course enraged
In mortal flight by your second sight

To me we all should be grateful for
What we were born with, and adore
Creations gift not selfishly
Steal someone elses and want to be
Better than them by forcing through
Stealing their skin to make anew
Putting aside compassion for
Beauty thinking you need more

And with that thought deciding I
Should suffer torture where I lie
My skin ripped off such agony
The gift you take from off of me
I cant imagine how this makes
You feel more whole infact it breaks
My heart, to know people like you
Are Prepared to slaughter to just feel true

To wear my skin knowing that I
Was sacrificed And forced to die
My blood it ran it dripped it dropped
My lifeless body it then flopped
And my skin then became yours,so
You could feel my eternal glow
Creation shrunk before me and
Cried aloud it was never planned

Written away from home

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