Dolphin killers of Taiji

Illogicalness and false reasoning
A contradictory seasoning
A kind of fallibility
Is what we see now in TAIJI

A one track mind and tunnel vision
Self deception imprecision
As a mission based provision
Coming to the wrong decision

Eating dolphin eating whales
Following sashimi’s trails
Unimaginative matter of fact
Subjective as how they react

We love dolphins we love whales
Consumption and slavery it entails
Misreckoning and misconstruction
And Over valuing ones production

So our live streaming makes no odds
That wont get through to the sods
Their belief is dolphin meat
Really is their greatest treat

We can facebook all our grief
But, there will be no relief
Constant killings and slave sales
And ofcourse more gory tales

We have got to raise our game
We just cannot stay the same
Be aggressive much more so
Only then will our strength grow

Watching and sobbing the dolphins plight
Seeing the boats return at night
Talking up blue cove days wont do
And when red days come woefully true

Harking back to broome and taiji
And the fishermen upon the sea
Unless we can physically stop them we
Will not stop the killings At Taiji

Thats the problem we have today
Trying to make the japanese play
Ball It wont work any more
For they are raised on blood and gore

Look at their flag a ball of blood
The cove so often in a flood
Of blood and guts and death and woe
All part of the dolphin show

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