The big FLOP

Supposed entertainment
Based on arrogance and grief
On ignorance on hollowness
And, alas belief
It truthfully lacks substance
Fictitious in a way
Characterless and meaningless
Where all the animals pay

Circus is a world of difference
From reality
Its poles apart from wildness
Its unsuitability
At variance with Nature
Unbecoming to us all
Its wrong and inappropriate
For me it does appal

Any thoughtful caring person
Who would realise
The lack of real humility
And for me thats no surprise
Its about discrimination
An a unravelling of life
Disruption and fragmentation
Which for me was total strife

A total disconnection
A gradual decay
Lonely shunned and isolated
Every single day
Screened off segregated
A disunion of hearts
Neglected just left hanging
In an assortment of carts

Excluded from our extinctive role
Into a chaotic state
What becomes irregularity
And disharmony to date
A, constant upheaval
A madhouse in a way
Its the daily pandemonium
What else can one say

Disorganized and jumbled
Constantly on the go
Unbelievable monotony
That actually does grow
A continuum of cruelty
A conveyor belt of woe
A lack of understanding
Wherever they now go

An endless band of part timers
An Unremitting stress
Trainers most no brainers
Most just caring less
A gathering of performers
And assembled souls who must
Be trained and then restrained
To a life that will disgust

Travelling, its endless
Innumerable delays
Accidents are ever-recurring
Stuttering displays
Repetitiveness a hammering they get
No chance to be
Themselves they are now prisoners
Locked up and made to see

To rehearse on perhaps
the most painful feet
Over and over again
Testing our endurance
At overcoming pain
It all is never ending
From the cradle to the grave
When you just pray to not wake up
With nobody to save

The fraility of confinement
Its mutability
A fugitve in this foriegn place
In perpetuity
Non-stop, being on the go
Incessant and unreal
Interminable the boredom
How can one conceal

Creation never meant for us
To operate in this way
To live in mobile carriages
Every other day
To face the wrath of climate
The frost the ice the snow
The heat not having food to eat
And not knowing where we go

The past is in our memory
But it is gone for good
There is no point reminiscing
Its elapsed its expired
And we should
move on
But the mishaps that we face
Untoward and ill-omened
Its hard to stay the pace

Chained up in our cages
Nothing was thought through
Survival of the fittest
Really we all do
Suffer every moment
Tossed from side to side
The restlessness of giving
To every single ride

Our food is really awful
Often rotten frozen too
Tasteless makes us sluggish
Not wanting to do
Anything, and the strong-arm tactics
That they do deploy
They are bloody aggressive
And there is no such thing as joy

They whip us when they want to
Often mad with rage
Bruise and crush and wrench and strain
Its all off the page
They have the power to alsrm us
They are in the driving seat
The tricks they give us we have to do
Or we are just dead meat!

Overall a shallowness
Pervades the circus scene
Its undefined and chaotic
A skewness of the mean
Its sort of a mutation
Contorted and weighed down
Mishapen and ugly
When the Big Flop comes to town

With life on the back burner
Becomes the thought most of us have
But our bio energy
Is constantly under pressure
As is our mortality
We are unpsid martyrs
Wanting just to be free

There is no liberation
We are prisoners in fear
We have lost our social groups
We are primatively clear
Lost souls in a human bubble
Drifting through the night
Subjected to discomfort
To anguish and to blight

The big flop is so harrowing
Torment is our gift
Our threshold has to grow and grow
Adversity to lift
Us Out from all this painfulness
Into violent sleep where we
Can feel the stabbing shooting pains
For all eternity

There is no let up wildness
Has been driven from our soul
We are cripples to a system
That sets out to control
Mendacity and deceitfulness
Are the order of the game
So many double standards
I for one am lame

Trainers they are torturers
Totally insincere
Shifty sly and treacherous
Mad from ear to ear
Reluctant to be honest
Such negativity
Constantly they bash us
We, can not be free

We pray the circus closes
Abandon them today
There is a rottenness about them
And everyone does pay
Maltreatment and unkindness
Are the winds that fill their sails
Cruelty and spitefulness
Make up the circus tales

Consign them into history
Deliver us please do
Snatch us from the jaws of death
Get us out will you?
Save our skins untie us
Unlock our chains so we
Can close our eyes forever
And be forever free

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