Australian Rodeo or (any excuse to harm the bovine species)

Apparently men seem to think
That its right
That its really so masculine
To put up a fight
With the bovine brigade
From male bulls through to calves
No Australian man does nothing by halves.

It attracts the women
Or thats what he thinks
To be honest his ego
And the hot sun it stinks
Of cowardice to me
Its not manly to cause
Pain to an animal
To get applsuse

Rough riding tail pulling
Roping as such
Causes such fear
And angst and as much
Trauma and wretchedness
Woe and despair
And its not entertainment
Because where’s the care?

Its obsessively cruel
And demeaning all day
They wince and the flinch and writhe
It clearly is agony and purgatory
Trial by ordeal
And pure misery

You require immorality
That we can say
A heartless regard
At the end of the day
To torture a baby
To maltreat it so
To rope it and then send it down
With a throw

To watch as it writhes
As its young tendons split
The harshness the grimness
What is total shit
A flank strap pulled over the genitals makes
The bull very sore
And he bucks and he takes

This cruelty no other words
One can use
Take an innocent animal
And just abuse
Use electric prods
Give the poor soul a shock
That he feels in his heart
With one hell of a knock

There is an unsightliness
To all of this
A gracelessness too
They are taking the piss
Defacing an animal
Shocking it so
Loathsome and odious
As we well know

Clearly its tastelessness
Gutterpress stuff
Australia’s sinking
It isnt that tough
So called barbarism
And vulgarity
Miss Rode9 step up
And bow not for me

Its grossness and coarseness
An indelicacy
Bordering obscene
No place to be
If you are anyway decent
I do have to say
Copying the louts
From the USA

Skulking in the dust
Is not manly at all
Its lily- livered
A sissy on call
Lacks smeddum
Have no grit
Keep well away
From the ruffian mob
Who want others to pay

A great irreverence
Nothing to see
Take bulls for granted
Its no place to be
Enobled and honoured
A prominent soul
Who doesn’t need to be prodded
By some low life troll

Rodeo really is discourtesy
Its yobbish and nasty
And its no place to be
Ungracious and tactless
No lady would dare
And follow a lout
Who just isnt aware

Unchivalrous laggard
Boorish and uncouth
Insolent impudent
Shadow of youth
Rude and just mannerless
Takes liberties
Who cannot take love
And never could please

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