Kanga anga

To have reconciled
With our noble wild
And iconic Kangaroo
Its gallantry
Its gentility
Through and through

Re branding it
k-Roo infact
And encouraging folk to eat
And to want more Roo’s
Is just not good news
We should all eat, less meat

Less flesh and blood
The organic ones
Bush angels born and bred
They represent Australia
Alive folks never DEAD

Qantas put them on their wings
The Australian rugby side
Have them boldly on their shirts
That is not denied
So to eat more flesh
And to kill more Roo’s
What really does that say
Australia is ungracious
In a very churlish way

Unpleasant and disagreeable
To our iconic breed
We should all show them our closeness
And hope that more succeed
A fondness and understanding
For a wild soul under fire
Give them our devotion
For out there things are dire
They are enchanting animals
Their fascination grows
They are a source of wonderment
As the world at large now knows

Instead of adopting Kangaroo
Be a veggie for a day
In this hot climate that we have here
The more cooling food will pay


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